Pricing Rules

Last Updated: [December 2023]

For each successful transaction on AcctBazaar, a 10% transaction fee will be charged from the buyer and 15% from the seller.
  • 1. Listing Fee

    Sellers are required to pay a listing fee when creating a new listing for an account on AcctBazaar.
    The listing fee is 5% of the amount of the account listed.
    The listing fee is charged after the account has been sold.

  • 2. Buyers Account

    Buyers are required to Fund their account with at least $10 before carrying out any purchase.

    Buyers can leave a review and ratings on each seller profile

    Payment deposited can't be withdrawn from a buyers account

  • 3. Account Funding

    Minimum Funding is 10 USD

    USD (crypto) Funding and Naira Funding options are available

    Users and Sellers can Fund their account via Bank Payment, Card Payment & Crypto Payment

    Naira Funding will be calculated at the current exchange rate at the time of the funding

    For issues regarding account funding, contact support on telegram @acctbazaar1

  • 4. Withdrawal Fee

    When withdrawing funds via crypto from your AcctBazaar account, a withdrawal fee will be applied to cover the network fee for crypto payment.

    No Withdrawal fee is charged for Naira payment

    Minimum Withdrawal is $20 for crypto payment and N10,000 for naira payment

    USD withdrawal and Naira withdrawal options will be available

    Naira withdrawal will be processed with the standard Banking Rate.

    For issues regarding account withdrawal, contact support on telegram @acctbazaar1

  • 5. Currency Conversion

    All transactions on AcctBazaar are conducted in USD (United State Dollar)

    Each AcctBazaar Dollar is Equal

  • 6. Adjustments and Notifications

    AcctBazaar reserves the right to adjust the transaction, listing, and withdrawal fees at any time. Changes will be communicated to users via the platform's official communication channels.

    Sellers and buyers will be notified of any changes to fees prior to engaging in transactions.

  • 7. Special Promotions

    AcctBazaar may introduce special promotions or discounts on transaction and listing fees during specific periods. The terms and conditions of such promotions will be communicated to users during the promotional period.

  • 8. Dispute Resolution Fee

    In the event of a dispute resolution process initiated by users, a dispute resolution fee may be charged to the party deemed responsible for the dispute.

    The dispute resolution fee is $2 , payable in AcctBazaar Balance

  • 9. Taxes

    Users are responsible for any taxes or fees associated with their transactions on AcctBazaar. AcctBazaar is not responsible for withholding, collecting, reporting, or remitting any taxes arising from transactions.

    By using AcctBazaar, users agree to abide by these pricing rules. AcctBazaar reserves the right to modify these rules at any time, and users will be notified of such changes through the platform's official channels.


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