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Expand your reach beyond local markets and connect with buyers worldwide.

Reach a Global Audience

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Quickly upload product details, images, and set your preferred pricing. Simple and user-friendly interface for effortless product listing.

Easy Listing Proces

Secure Transactions

Built-in secure payment system to ensure smooth and safe transactions. Gain trust from buyers with our reliable payment processing.

Secure Transactions

Real-time Analytics

Understand customer behavior and tailor your strategy for better results. Access detailed insights into your sales performance.

Real-time Analytics

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Our secure payment system ensures hassle-free transactions. Receive payments directly to your wallet.

What sellers have to say

Hear from some of our amazing sellers using our platform.

Tariq Abubakar

“AcctBazaar has been a game-changer for me. As a seller, I’ve been able to easily list my social media and email accounts, reaching a wide audience of interested buyers. The platform’s interface is intuitive, and I’ve had great success selling my accounts here.“

Tariq Abubakar

Nala Mbeki

“AcctBazaar provides a fantastic platform for selling VPN accounts. I’ve been able to connect with buyers who are looking for reliable VPN services, and the process of listing my accounts and managing sales has been effortless.Highly recommended for anyone looking to monetize their VPN subscriptions.“

Nala Mbeki

Obi Eze

“AcctBazaar has exceeded my expectations as a platform for selling various types of accounts.Whether it’s social media, emails, or VPNs, I’ve been able to showcase my offerings to a targeted audience of buyers.The support team is also responsive and helpful, making my experience as a seller enjoyable.“

Obi Eze

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